The Winline Difference

At Winline, we know the value of a quilt. We know the numbers of hours that go in to these beautiful creations. We understand the quilter and their needs just like we understand batting—from the inside out. And we know that high quality quilts deserve high quality battings. After all, batting is the unseen heart of every quilt.

Our batting is the perfect foundation for heirloom quilts.

Winline battings are high-quality custom designed batts made with premium hand-selected fibers and state of the art techniques. Unlike most battings our cotton products are made from long staple cotton without any kind of additives or chemicals of any kind, and the bamboo fibers come from certified organic and sustainable eco-friendly farms.

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Our highest goal is quality. All of our Winline battings are woven on high-tech machinery here in the USA and needle punched with a scrim resulting in the durability and longevity that you need for a quilt. We understand that while the quilt top is the beauty, the batting is the character of any quilt, and we want that character to shine! Our battings minimize bearding, create a lovely drape, breath well, and offer a smooth quilting medium for any level of quilter.

Service is the key. Winline Textile Products got it’s start because we listened to quilters just like you. We saw a need for high quality, reasonably priced, and eco-friendly products, and we filled it. Whether you are a professional quilter, a store owner, or just make quilts for your grand-kids we have the perfect batting for your needs. We are always happy to talk to you about your next project or teach you more about some of the great batting options available.

Custom creations. Unlike other large-scale batting companies we have the ability to customize battings to your exact needs. Using our connections through direct suppliers we can design and create any custom batting you may need for your business. Call us to find out more about this option and what we can do for you.

Over all, we care! For some people quilting is a hobby, for us here at Winline it is our life. We have designed our battings to compliment and enhance the design of any quilt or quilted project out there. We pride ourselves in providing an eco-friendly, locally made product that can be used in projects meant to last a lifetime—and even longer.

If you haven’t made the leap, then it’s about time you experience the Winline Difference!

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