About Winline Textiles

Winline Textile Products, LLC got its start because we listened to quilters. We saw a need for high quality, reasonably priced, and eco-friendly products, and we filled it. Winline battings are a perfect all-around product for quilts, wall hangings, and any craft project that requires a soft and durable fill. We also have our ‘tater’ micro baker filling which works for microwaveable projects.

Our fabrics are designed for both the professional and home quilter. If you’d like to understand more about batting and how to choose the best for your projects check out our Batting 101 tutorial available here: www.winlinetextiles.com/batting-101-s/142.htm

About LuAnn

LuAnn Farr has been the owner of Winline Textile Products based out of Ogden, Utah for the last 18 years and growing up with quilters and fabric was what gave her a passion for creating high-quality batting for the quilting industry.

The company got its start in late 2000 after LuAnn suffered a potentially serious health scare and decided to make some changes in her life including leaving her corporate job to work for herself. Following a conversation with her brother, a textile representative she got the inspiration she needed. He commented that what was really needed in the fabric and quilting industry was a good quality quilt batting, and her life’s passion was realized.

Inspired by that statement, LuAnn visited a number of quilt shops, longarm quilters and friends and asked them the question “what are you looking for in a batting?”. Responses poured in. People were looking for soft clean battings that had an even fiber distribution and didn’t fall apart when they were quilted or washed.

“The batting actually determines the whole quilt. How long it will last, how it feels, if it will drape and feel soft — that all has to do with what’s on the inside.” -LuAnn Farr

She picked up the challenge and started talking to manufacturers. Eventually she found one in Houston that was making some beautiful battings. They were willing to take a chance on a small boutique vendor and work with Winline to create custom battings matching their exacting specifications. She hand-picks the highest quality raw goods (bamboo, cotton and wool) to ensure that the finished product is the finest available.

The first few years she admits were really hard. There are a lot of popular brand name battings available and finding her niche in the market was hard work. Quilters were already sold on their favorite battings and getting them to see how battings had improved with the newer technologies available today was a hard sell.

She will always remember one of her first successes. She had been delivering samples of her battings to all of the local quilt shops, and met with the owner of one of the most popular. After her pitch the owner just told her to toss the samples in a pile over on her desk and she’d get back to her. Two weeks passed and she was just about giving up when the owner called and asked her how fast she could get her a roll of batting. The quilt shop had just opened up a roll of a batting brand she had used for years and there were globs of resin all over it and they had a rush quilt to complete. LuAnn sent her husband right out the door for delivery. About two hours later the quilt shop called back and apologized for not considering her batting sooner – it was that fantastic!

From those early successes to today LuAnn and her husband have traveled to quilt shows all over the United States and have their batting in hundreds of quilt stores. She has talked to thousands of people who have come to love her battings. She’s become a recognized expert in the batting industry and has presented her comprehensive ‘Batting 101’ class at a number of quilt shows, shop presentations and guild meetings. Many people even refer to her as the ‘Battwoman’.