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Why Bamboo?

For centuries quilters have worked with many different natural and synthetic fibers as fillers for their quilts. Original batting materials included woven cotton, feather, or wool pads pieced together and sewn into a quilt for warmth. Unfortunately cotton and wool are hard to raise and process, can be expensive, and are a lower sustainable product. As such these natural fibers soon gave way to polyester batts which could be manufactured at any thickness, density and size. Blends between the polyester and natural cotton quickly became popular with quilters, but skilled quilters struggled with batt quality, shrinkage, and breathability. Additionally polycarbon fibers in synthetic batting are petroleum based and environmentally unfriendly.

Introducing all natural and sustainable bamboo batting.

Bamboo batting was introduced to the market just over a decade ago and has been gaining in popularity ever since. Economically friendly and renewable Bamboo batting is an all natural sustainable crop which doesn’t rely on pesticides or fertilizers. If you cut one stalk, two will grow in it’s place. It is very durable and breathable, which will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also drapes well, and adds a high level of quality to heirloom quilts.

The bamboo crop used to produce the fiber in Winline 100% bamboo and 50/50 blend batting is certified by the US national Organic program or N.O.P. as organic bamboo base. Also the farm it is grown on is certified by OCIA International IFOAM accredited as organic crop. In our 50/50 bamboo and cotton we use only Ultraclean® cotton which is tested for harmful substances and certified OEKO-Tex standard 100 as being 100% natural cotton.

Among a number of other qualities it is also antibacterial. The Japan Textile Inspection Association, has tested the batting and even after 50 times of washing Bamboo fiber has proven that it still possesses excellent anti-bacterial qualities. The test results showed an over 70% death rate for bacteria being incubated on bamboo fibers.

You’ve heard about it, now you have the chance to experience the incredible qualities of bamboo batting!

Winline bamboo batting comes in either 100% bamboo or 50/50 bamboo and organic cotton and comes in 96” rolls, or king, queen, twin, and baby quilt size cut batts. You can also order a small sample to test. More information is available on our products page.

Winline carries the best bamboo batting for you—and our planet!

Try bamboo in your next project.